'Hauling' bodies is?poor choice of words

Does Niagara County Legislature Deputy Clerk Roxanne M. Morgan think a human corpse is garbage? I'm referring to a Sept. 17 News article regarding the cost increase for autopsies performed on deceased Niagara County residents at the Erie County Medical Center.

In the article, according to the deputy clerk, the transportation services that haul bodies to Buffalo also are asking for price increases. Niagara County "hauls" bodies to Buffalo for autopsies? In what way - the back of a pickup truck? Haul is "a pulling with force, to transport by draw, to drag, to tug." I've had trash hauled. I had a wrecker haul a car from my driveway and take it to a scrap yard. But to "haul" a body is a disgraceful term to use and is disrespectful to the deceased and their families.

Margaret M. Gilmartin