Let's examine facts,?ignore political spin

Now that the primary elections are over, voters can brace themselves for the traditional onslaught of political advertisements.

These days, it appears the general public has accepted the concept that we need independent "fact checking" to determine the verisimilitude of the information we receive from those seeking public office. It is said the best way to lie is to tell the truth, but not the whole truth. Why has "political spin" become acceptable in our society?

I suggest voters hold candidates to a higher standard than political rhetoric that is deceptive, misleading or downright dishonest. After all, they are asking us to trust them with our government operations that effect everyday life.

As an officer of senior organizations, I personally checked several sources to get the truth about Medicare and the Affordable Care Act. These sources maintain that the act will ensure Medicare is fully funded until 2024, extending the life of Medicare for an additional seven years and offering many other benefits to seniors, working-class families and the poor.

My conclusion is that any office seeker who is characterizing the new health care law as detrimental to Medicare and the American people is perpetrating a falsehood and is unworthy of my vote.

Electing officials with dubious integrity has cost us dearly in blood and treasure. This country is still suffering from the economic fallout of an unfunded war that was based on an argument of weapons of mass destruction that never surfaced.

This election, seek out capable candidates who are forthright and honest. The times are too serious for our country to be led by those who resort to political chicanery to win office.

Stephen J. Muscarella

President, Buffalo Chapter

Public Employees Federation Retirees