People must wake up,?let the Buffalo Bills go

I picked up The News on Sept. 15 and a front-page headline read: "Light ticket sales put Bills in line for four blackouts."

I was raised in the '40s and '50s and in school we were taught that the top headline in the newspaper is the most important item of that particular day. The Bills' four blackouts is the most important item of the day!

Let's see - a presidential race this year, an ambassador murdered in Libya, an economic recession, local political races - and who came in first? The Buffalo Bills.

The third-poorest city in the United States, and the best we can do is a football team that costs the taxpayers hundreds of thousands per year? And now we are asked to cough up many millions to invest in a product (the Bills) that has no future here and isn't a growth stock.

If your family had a $20,000 per-year income, would you get a mortgage on a $200,000 house? No. So why is it that a poor city like Buffalo thinks it can afford the NFL or the Buffalo Bills?

Neither the county executive nor the mayor of Buffalo has a clue as to what this investment means. People, wake up, let the Bills go. Get a life, enjoy a day with your family, visit your elderly parents. What person would take his loved ones to a Bills game? The normal behavior at a game isn't even tolerable for people in prison. Shame on our leaders; no guts.

John Ott