Buffalo Bills running back C.J. Spiller and the Bills defense lit up the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, and that is what every Bills fan wants to see every weekend. I find it hard to believe that will happen.

It is hard to believe in a team that started 5-2 last season and somehow missed the playoffs.

It's great that the Bills could run the ball against a struggling team that got blown out last week also, but what is Buffalo going to do when the run is shut down? When quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick is forced to throw the ball, that is when he makes mistakes. When Fitzpatrick threw 32 passes opening day, he had three interceptions, which cost Buffalo the game. Fitzpatrick is not the franchise quarterback that Buffalo has been looking for. He's inconsistent and he will have good days and bad days. Looking at his 19 passes this week, I counted at least three that were short or overthrown to wide-open guys. What Fitzpatrick are we going to see this weekend?

The Bills defense looked like they need to in every game. They put pressure on Chiefs' quarterback Matt Cassel and got a few sacks on him, including a forced fumble. Even the run defense looked stout, which was proven on the goal line when the Bills forced a fumble and recovered it before halftime. The coverage seemed to be a lot better compared to the game against the New York Jets the week before; but there is always room for improvement.

Spiller blew me away again. I had to see if he actually could produce when the game was close. They say patience is a virtue, and Spiller is getting better at waiting for his blocks to develop. Another big thing that Spiller has developed is ripping through tackles; he has diced up both defenses in the last two games for 292 yards on 29 carries for an average of 10.06 yards per carry.

But you never know what Buffalo team you are going to get. If Buffalo can stay healthy and play consistently, they could give the AFC East a run for the money.

Keith Latta is a junior at Newfane High School.