A 22-year-old father pleaded guilty today to reckless assault of a child for injuries he inflicted on his 8-week-old son.

Mark Bridenbaker, of Indian Church Road, faces between two to seven years in prison when sentenced by Erie County Judge Kenneth F. Case on Oct. 25.

Bridenbaker took the boy to Women & Children's Hospital in May with injuries that led hospital officials to call police.

In court today, he admitted to causing a serious injury to the infant's brain.

The infant, who in May was hospitalized in critical condition with internal injuries, is no longer in the hospital, according to the Erie County District Attorney's Office.

At the time of Bridenbaker's arrest, police said the boy was being treated for a head injury.

Case did not make any sentencing commitment but said he wants to first hear the recommendations from the prosecution and defense.

Prosecutor Roseanne E. Johnson said the infant's mother consented to the plea.

Bridenbaker, who was in custody when making his plea, had his bail set at $250,000.