Web banking customers of M&T Bank Corp. can now get text messages, emails and other notifications through their mobile devices to better control their finances and stay up to date on account information or debit card use.

The Buffalo-based bank launched a dozen new customized account alerts through the bank's mobile app, enabling alerts when balances reach certain high or low thresholds, when a large withdrawal or deposit is posted, when a specific check or group of checks clears, or when debit card transactions are approved or declined. Specific dollar triggers for the alerts can be set by the customer.

Customers can also use the alerts to monitor account balances daily or weekly, to watch for suspicious activity or when a PIN is changed, or to know when a debit card purchase is made without the card being presented, such as for online or telephone transactions.

M&T does not charge for the alerts, which can be set up for one or two different mobile numbers. Customers can sign up online, by phone or at a branch.

"Our customers have told us how important online tools are to manage their finances, and our new alerts give them more direct control of their finances right at their fingertips," said Mike Shryne, senior vice president for alternative banking at M&T. "We believe that empowering our customers by giving them options and convenience is consistent with M&T's commitment to understanding what's important to our customers."