New voter ID laws will?disenfranchise millions

You have got to hand it to the Republicans. Having doubts that your candidate can win? No problem. Pass new voter registration laws designed to disenfranchise those who are more likely to have difficulties obtaining the correct, necessary documentation. And who are these individuals? According to all reports, even those provided by some of the Republicans themselves, they are the minorities, the elderly, students and poor people. And guess what? These are the people more likely to vote Democrat.

Now, it doesn't surprise me that people like Karl Rove and the Koch brothers will do anything to prevent President Obama's re-election. What bothers me most is the lack of outcry by even the very few moderate Republicans whose desire to win appears to have trumped the ultimate fairness of the American people.

Don't be influenced by bad analogies. You need ID to get on a plane, however, traveling is not a right, voting is. In Pennsylvania, in the last 10 years, officials found 10 cases of fraudulent vote. This means that to avoid 10 cases of fraud, millions will be disenfranchised. I hope that if the Democrats lose in the courts they have a Plan B, or this will be another stolen election - remember Gore versus Bush? - our great country can ill afford.

Andre Toth