1. Where in the United States may the Gila monster be found?

2. What is a female fox called?

3. Side whiskers which are narrow at the top and broad and rounded at the bottom are commonly known as . . .

4. Name the Benelux nations.

5. What gland is about the size of a baseball in an infant, but gradually decreases in size as the child matures?

6. What are the secondary colors of pigment?

7. Francis Scott Key wrote "The Star-Spangled Banner," but it is sung to music composed by whom?

8. What kind of a drug is an "analgesic"?

9. The movie "Raging Bull" is about the life of what boxing champion?

10. In the body, what part of an organ or structure might be referred to as an isthmus?


1. Usually in the desert in the southwestern United States as well as in New Mexico.

2. Vixen.

3. Mutton chops.

4. Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg.

5. Thymus gland.

6. Green, orange and purple.

7. John Stafford Smith.

8. One that relieves pain.

9. Jake LaMotta, a middleweight champ from 1949-51.

10. The part of an organ that is narrowed