Return City Hall doors?to their original design

It was a pleasure to see a picture in the Sept. 13 paper of the new brass doors at Shea's - and locally made to boot. But where is our pride?

Have you seen the 2-year-old brassy gold-tone aluminum doors on our City Hall? This is the entrance to our city, so to speak, and they look tacky. These doors replace bronze and brass ones with beautifully designed covers for the winter weather. About two years ago, I spoke with the building superintendent, left messages for the mayor, registered my concern with the mayor's complaint office and tried to interest the preservations in this issue. The superintendent made excuses of cost and could not find anyone to make the doors. The mayor never responded, nor did anyone from his complaint office. The preservationists also never responded to my calls and mail.

How nice it would be to see gleaming new doors on the entrance to our city, something to be proud of when guests and we, the citizens, enter our hall. They need to be brought back to the original, as was designed by the architect. City Hall is one of the best art deco buildings in the East. So, no excuses. If Shea's can do it, so can the City of Buffalo. The doors of the city need to gleam also!

Evelyn Malone