Ridiculous movie?capitalizes on fear

I am not amazed that the party of "no" has fully endorsed "2016: Obama's America." This ludicrous "mocku-mentary" purports that President Obama is trying to undo several centuries of western colonialism because the president's father was an African citizen who actually had the nerve to be offended by the systematic raping and pillaging of the land and people. The author of the book and movie has stated that the problem is not that we colonized Africa and South America, it's that we didn't colonize them enough.

Now, the same party that brought you "compassionate conservatism" and other ridiculous-sounding terms for "too bad we have more and you don't," recommends that every red-blooded and true American see this film. First off, the hypocrisy is sickening. Dinesh D'Souza, the author of "Obama's Rage" (the basis for the movie) wasn't even born in this country. He was born in India (a land heavily colonized by the British) and immigrated to this country. He apparently "became" a citizen, unlike our president, who was born in this country (Yes, Hawaii is a state of the union). Coincidentally, this subject has not gone away, and was even recently "joked" about by Mitt Romney.

Despite D'Souza's roundabout route to American citizenship, he has all the credibility in the world, according to the Republicans. They will believe anyone who dislikes or disagrees with Obama. And thanks to the greatest political document ever produced, the U.S. Constitution, this foreign-born person can freely criticize our president and system of government, without fear of death or reprisal. That doesn't mean that we have to accept what he says.

This is same party that believes voter fraud is so rampant that we must enact tougher laws to crack down on this practice. This despite the fact that no one is reporting an increase of voter fraud. The fact that minorities will mostly be the ones disenfranchised is no coincidence. Please stop scaring the elderly and the uninformed with these political distortions that serve no legitimate purpose other than to promote the GOP's true agenda, which is to unseat Obama. At least he was elected through a fair election process.

Richard Carter