NIAGARA FALLS - A longtime city police officer faces harassment charges following an incident Aug. 25 at Darien Lake.

Officer Kelly L. Alcorn, 47, is due to appear today in Darien Town Court to answer the charge. The victim said she will be seeking to upgrade the charges to assault.

Elizabeth Dake, 45, who said she lives in the Finger Lakes region, wrote a letter to The Buffalo News that describes "a brutal and merciless attack" that resulted in a concussion, bruises and caused her to be out of work for nine days.

Dake said she was on her way to the bathroom near the end of a concert when Alcorn grabbed her by the hair, pulled her arms behind her back, slammed her head into a cement wall and punched her in the head, neck, arm and back. Dake said she was on her back in a ball with her knees up and continued to be attacked, being punched and slammed into the cement wall. She wrote that it did not stop until the attack moved closer to where her husband, a state trooper, was located, and he was able to run in and yell for Alcorn to get off his wife.

"Even more appalling was Ms. Alcorn's demeanor afterward as she and her friends were laughing while we waited for police officers to respond," Dake wrote.

Police Superintendent John R. Chella, who also received a copy of the letter, said Monday that Alcorn has been with the department for 23 years and now works as a jailer.

"We were well aware of the situation," Chella said. "She told us immediately after the event, and we are looking into it."

Chella said her job could be affected if the charges are upgraded.

"We will await to see the disposition in Genesee County. If she is charged with a felony, and if she is convicted of assault second, she could lose her job, but right now it is a judicial matter," Chella said.

Dake said in her correspondence that she submitted her medical information to the Genesee County District Attorney's Office and requested that the charges be upgraded.