DUNKIRK - A petition urging more supervision of youths in city parks during late-night hours was presented to the City Council on Tuesday night.

The petition included signatures from 300 residents of the area near Park Avenue.

Concerned residents from the area told city officials there have been incidents of vandalism, loud noise and general loitering in the late night and early morning hours in their neighborhood.

Police Chief David Ortolano urged residents to call the department and report any incidents.

City Public Works Director Tony Gugino said his department has focused on keeping low branches and shrubs trimmed for better visibility, and he urged better lighting in the?park areas.

Residents encouraged the enforcement of curfew hours for young people and would like the hours to be the same as Silver Creek's, 10 p.m. to 7 a.m.

Council members received the petition and also urged the public to contact with police about any incidents.

In other matters outlined at the Council meeting:

. Council members unanimously passed a resolution to start their meetings earlier, at 5:30 p.m., and eliminate a premeeting workshop.

. Fredonia State College students and staff will work on a "day of service" project to mark the inauguration of new President Virginia Horvath.

The events will include cleanup of the beaches at Wright Park, Point Gratiot and Cedar Beach at 10 a.m. Saturday.

. At the request of Fire Chief Keith Ahlstrom, four people were accepted as volunteer firefighters with the city's paid fire department. The new volunteers will serve in the city to assist with the paid firefighters in areas where they have been trained.

. Council members authorized the mayor to terminate a lease with the Kangaroo Cafe owners, who had been occupying a space on the city's boardwalk.

The early termination required Council approval.