It would be a travesty to tear down Skyway

Rep. Brian Higgins is once again talking about his desire to tear down the Skyway. Really? The Skyway Bridge and Route 5 are direct and extremely useful for travelers headed to Hamburg and points south. It has been our route of choice for many years. It is cost effective. To eliminate it would be a travesty.
With respect to the access to the outer harbor, there is talk of building a new $50 million bridge. Again, really? I applaud Higgins' efforts to open up this area, but I would suggest and insist that a majority of this area be open public land for the most part. The land should become either Buffalo or Erie County parkland. This acquisition would truly ensure sustained and permanent public access to the waterfront.
I suggest that a bascule bridge be erected just west of Ganson Street that would reconnect both halves of South Michigan Avenue. I do not remember what bridge was there in the past, but some of the infrastructure is still in place. This is the perfect point to reconnect the city to the outer harbor at a reasonable price. It is not a particularly pretty area, but it is functional.
I would also like to comment on the part of the Robert Moses Parkway that proceeds from the City of Niagara Falls to Lewiston. Parts of the parkway have been shut down for years. This was done to further the environment and promote public pedestrian use. One sees lots of weeds growing up through the pavement and very few people recreating on the closed portions. It seems like this experiment has failed. It is time to reopen fully this part of the parkway. This move would also further the economic agenda of Niagara Falls.
Craig J. Brozek
Grand Island