1. What is the only food that a koala will eat?

2. Why did Christopher Columbus call natives of North America Indians?

3. Does the head of a comet usually point toward or away from the sun?

4. The Marquess of Queensberry Rules apply in what sport?

5. Thor was the Norse god of _____.

6. Which New York City borough includes the Bowery?

7. Inflammation of what body organ leads to hepatitis?

8. Is it true or false that the official language of Brazil is Spanish?

9. Are freckles pigment?

10. U.S. foreign aid is referred to as ____________ and credits. Fill in the blank.


1. Eucalyptus leaves.

2. He thought he was in the East Indies.

3. Away.

4. Boxing.

5. Thunder, war and strength.

6. Manhattan.

7. Liver.

8. False. Brazil's official language is Portuguese.

9. Yes.

10. Grants.