We saw two ships

Buzz could not get on board the Brig Niagara, the 1812-era warship parked over the weekend in our harbor. When we were there, it was playing host to a private party. A private gig on the brig. That is so Buffalo! But we did get to smell the ship. We leaned over the rails and inhaled, and it was like an old house in Allentown. And so amazing, so fragile. Exactly how fragile we did not sense until a few minutes later. We had turned to leave, when - HONK!!! It was a gigantic foghorn. We whirled around. And we beheld, steaming up the Buffalo River, the Cuyahoga, a massive freighter, heading out to sea. Bathed in bright white lights, it was not stopping for anything or anybody and it was ready to swallow the Brig Niagara whole. Cool! The crowd thought so, immediately transferring its attention. And with good reason! The Cuyahoga was built in 1943, making it historic in its own right. Ships passing in the night!

Endless summer

With summer on the wane, your challenge is: How to keep that relaxed feeling? Let's see. To ease the transition from garage sales to traditional stores, you can persist in trying to talk things down, even at the mall. ("Well, see, there's a chip in this .") You can attend Grateful Dead shows. (We saw a dandy last weekend at the Forvm, next door to Iris, where we went for a jazz show. And last week, visiting Jo-Jo's, an upscale dark wine bar on Sheridan in Williamsville, we had another idea. Mondays there are BYOB night. With their massive wine list, you won't be able to come up with any bottle they don't have, so . how about a box of wine? The livin' is easy!

Off the rails

A few weeks ago, Buzz marveled at the talking Tops machines. Taking the Metro Rail last weekend, we met up with a new disembodied voice: the talking train ticket machine. What an experience! These machines have always been dyspeptic and iffy, and we grew stressed trying to figure out what buttons to push, all the while worried we would hear our train clattering past below. As we freaked out, the machine did, too. "Trip - ticket - trip - ticket - button - one - ticket - trip -" it squawked, as we stabbed at the various buttons. Finally, just by sheer luck, we got to the point where we could start feeding in our quarters. That set it off on a new tear. "Adding 25 cents deposit. Adding 50 cents - Adding 75 cents deposit - " it began chanting. Like Cash Cunningham. What if they get a machine to replace him?

The buzz

A streetcar named desire: After making our train by the skin of our teeth, Buzz had to giggle at a notice saying handicapped parking was available at the Kiss and Ride Lot. . Nice one night, drinking wine at the Liberty Hound, to see attempts to light up the Skyway with purple and blue tints . It is whispered - OK, it is announced in a loud and suave baritone voice - that the legendary deejay Shane, Brother Shane is in town. He is sequestered in a rural location he calls "the Castle," and now that he can be heard in person, he is oddly absent from Facebook. The last thing we saw, checking his page, was: "I haven't been on this thing more than one minute since I got here."


"Get your mojo here."

- Sign in front of Williamsville salon