Downtown museum would be good move

A great idea for downtown Buffalo or the waterfront would be a state of the art sports museum. This would be a major draw to the many sports enthusiasts in WNY and out-ot-town tourists. The museum would house the history of professional, amateur, college and high schools and showcase the accomplishments of some of the greatest athletes in our area. I think it is high time that our local historians get together and make this a reality.
John Jendrysek
Orchard Park

Bills fans aren't ready to jump off ship

What is a Bills fan?
A Bills fan is loyal, this goes without question. Loyalty above and beyond the call of duty, and some would say sanity. We are the pre-World Series Red Sox fans of the NFL, without a curse to blame for our misfortune.
But where does this loyalty come from? No Super Bowl trophy sits collecting dust in some forgotten glass case. Our last playoff game can not even be remembered by some. Is it a genetic defect, or were we all simply dropped on our heads at birth?
Love is the bolt that holds us to this team. We're like the enabling parents of rebellious children. We let the youngsters come back home Sunday after Sunday. The child claims for the millionth time that he or she is a changed person, only to briefly disappoint us in some new way once again.
But that love, faith, belief, care, never dies. We clean up after them, pay their bills, and are ready with a hot meal and a warm hug when they come back to the door the following Sunday.
We do this in the Bills' case because we see, we know, we feel the potential. There is a dynasty waiting to begin every season, a record ready to be broken every game. If not talent, then pure statistics tell us our team is due, and we are going to be there and be able to say our love never faded, and our faith never faltered.
John Frazier

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