Americans are fed up with politicians' antics

Everyone I talk to is quite fed up with the childish actions of our politicians. Name calling, accusations and slander seem to be the front-runner for what they believe is the only way to get elected to office. The vibes I'm getting from them is nothing short of third-grade bullying.
I don't know how much they spend on postage, but when their mail arrives in my house it goes right in the shredder without being read. Then come the phone calls. Some of the calls lock up the phone lines and don't allow outgoing calls until the recorded message is complete. This should be illegal. All political calls I receive are hung up on immediately. I never once received a call from a politician after he got into office.
The biggest issue on the tab for all politicians is jobs. It sounds like a broken record. And guess what? There are still too many people unemployed. A large majority of the people not working, those who get most everything for free, wouldn't sacrifice losing their benefits to go to work anyway. Looks like we're stuck with all the bullying, lies and phone calls that have plagued the voters for years.
Ken Zuchlewski