Obama's policies show he cares about our problems

I am writing in regard to Charles Krauthammer's Sept. 8 op-ed, "The empathy gap." What is wrong with this picture? He states that Obamacare, regulating Wall Street and helping a new alternative energy company are examples of a man who doesn't care about our problems. In my world, where I'm concerned that my family doesn't lose medical care because of a catastrophic illness, where large corporations take advantage of many of us, and where I find energy costs taking a bigger bite out of my income, I am grateful for someone who cares about my problems.
I grew up with a Catholic elementary school education where we were taught that all men are brothers and that Jesus said, whatever you do to the least of my brethren, you do to me. Now I don't know if this thought is left, right or center, but I believe anyone who feels this way can sincerely support President Obama's policies.
Krauthammer says Obama has an "outsized self-regard and personal ambition." For someone to gamble his whole political life on passing universal health care, it appears there's more than personal ambition going on here. Apparently Krauthammer is arguing that because Obama is running for re-election, that is somehow proof that he is not empathetic and only wants vindication. Krauthammer whines that Mitt Romney has been demonized and that is the reason there is a large empathy gap between Romney and the president. Well I have news for Krauthammer. The demonization of Romney pales by comparison to the vile and ugly characterizations Obama has received. Could it possibly be that the president does truly want to balance the powers between rich and poor and foster a society where we can all work together as brothers?
Richard Barylski
Silver Creek