Williamsville board let constituents down

As a retired teacher who has attended many Board of Education meetings, I attended the Sept. 11 Williamsville board meeting with certain expectations. First and foremost, I expected board members to listen to the public with open minds. After all, this was the first meeting in which the legislative body, a.k.a. the Board of Education, would hear input from its constituents concerning a controversial issue. I expected that board members would listen in the event that the public had insights that might affect their thinking on this matter.
Unfortunately, those expectations were not met. Before listening with open minds, the board met in executive session and circled the wagons. Before listening with open minds, the president issued a statement indicating the board's unanimous support for the decision that had been made by the superintendent. As a result, members' minds were closed, not open as they should have been, when they permitted the public to speak. Therefore, the public comment session was nothing but an exercise in futility.
In essence, public comment fell upon deaf ears. Board members should be ashamed. By their actions, they exhibited a blatant disregard for the input of their constituents. The citizens of Williamsville should be outraged that their elected officials did not afford them the opportunity to be heard prior to making their decision.
Fred Hemmer