Spay and neuter cats to control population

I read the proposal from West Seneca Town Supervisor Shelia M. Meegan on controlling the cat population in the town, and the Sept. 10 article in The News where Meegan and Gina Browning of the SPCA Serving Erie County talk of the concerns of citizens and the ever growing cat population.
Cats have been an intrical part of our environment for hundreds of years; cats are and can be good neighbors. The problem is the number of cats. Cats are prolific.
Spaying and neutering is the only proven method of controlling the cat overpopulation. Cats come into an area where there is an abundance of food, other unaltered felines to reproduce with and adequate places for them to live. For years the old thought process was to collect and kill these colonies of cats, which only manages to anger animal lovers, and cost municipalities an exorbitant amount of taxpayer dollars trying to catch, hold and kill the cats. In the end, more cats come back to the same area over and over.
This is not only counterproductive, but it does not work. What would really help all parties involved is TNVR (Trap/Neuter/Vaccinate/Return). This process would control the population of the community cats, and provide vaccines, which are a positive health issue. Unaltered cats will not stay in an area if they cannot find mating partners, the inappropriate mating behaviors associated with unaltered cats would be nonexistent.
We as human beings need to be considerate of our fellow neighbors. We need to also be humane in our approach to community cats and wildlife of all kinds. We do not live on this planet alone, and we can co-exist, if we educate ourselves and others.
Edie M. Offhaus
Co-founder, Feral Cat FOCUS
President and co-founder, Operation
PETS the Spay/Neuter Clinic of WNY