Noon, 17, Dr. Fuhrman's Immunity Solution!: Resistance to colds, influenza and other infections. (G)
2:10 PM, CSPAN, Defense Budget & the Presidential Election: Preview of budget issues that the next president will face.
6 PM, 17, Use Your Brain to Change Your Age With Dr. Daniel Amen: How to look and feel younger by boosting the physical power of your brain. (G)
1 PM, 29, "Flashdance" ('83) Jennifer Beals. A female welder enjoys a nighttime dancing career. (2:00)
1:30 PM, 11, "Anna Karenina" ('48) Vivien Leigh. A married woman blindly falls in love with an army officer. (2:15)
1:30 PM, 51, "City Island" ('09) Andy Garcia. A prison guard secretly wants to be an actor. (2:00)
3:30 PM, 51, "Hoosiers" ('86) Gene Hackman. The new high-school basketball coach meets with resentment. (2:00)
3:45 PM, 11, "Charade" ('63) Cary Grant. A woman is targeted in a search for her dead husband's loot. (2:15)
5:30 PM, 51, "Batman & Robin" ('97) Arnold Schwarzenegger. The dynamic duo returns to take on an icy villain. (3:00)
8 PM, 5, "The Wizard of Oz" ('39) Judy Garland. A tornado whisks a Kansas farm girl to a magic land. (CC) (2:00)
8 PM, 11, "Ice Twisters" ('09) Mark Moses. An experiment creates tornadoes that shoot shards of ice. (2:00)
8 PM, 19, "Stand by Me" ('86) Wil Wheaton. Boy and buddies go on hike to find dead body in 1959. (CC) (DVS) (1:35)
8:30 PM, 51, "E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial" ('82) Henry Thomas. A California boy befriends a homesick alien. (2:30)
10 PM, 5, "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone" ('01) Daniel Radcliffe. An orphan attends a school of witchcraft and wizardry. (CC) (3:00)
10 PM, 49, "Pathfinder" ('07) Karl Urban. American Indians adopt an abandoned Viking boy. (2:00)
10 PM, 67, "Bride of Frankenstein" ('35) Boris Karloff. Baron Frankenstein creates a mate for the monster. (2:00)
12:05 AM, 9, "Jarhead" ('05) Jake Gyllenhaal. Marines band together during the Gulf War. (CC) (2:29)
12:20 AM, 19, "The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada" ('05) Tommy Lee Jones. A cowboy seeks justice and a proper burial for a dead friend. (CC) (DVS) (2:05)
1:30 AM, 23, "A Knight's Tale" ('01) Heath Ledger. A peasant poses as a knight for a shot at jousting glory. (2:30)
2:30 AM, 17, "Los Lonely Boys: Cottonfields and Crossroads" ('06) Los Lonely Boys tell of their beginnings and rise to fame. (CC) (1:30)
7 AM, 2, Today: Tony Danza; Angela "Big Ang" Raiola; shoes. (CC)
8 AM, 7, Good Morning America (CC)
10 PM, 4, 11, 48 Hours Mystery: New details about actress Natalie Wood's death arise from tapes about the incident. (CC)
1:35 AM, 4, Inside Edition Weekend (CC)