The Iroquois School Board this week rejected a parental request for student transportation to a private city school because the school is just barely outside the range that the school bus is allowed to travel.
Superintendent Douglas Scofield said during this week's board meeting that he had thoroughly researched the request and found there was no legal way to advance it.
"State law clearly says the Board of Education cannot transport a child more than 15 miles from the residence of the student," he said.
His research included phoning other area superintendents who, he said, claimed to follow the state guideline on transportation to private schools.
Jaycce Memminger, Sarina Scaccia and Dan Smlarek brought the request to the board last month asking for transportation to Buffalo Seminary at 205 Bidwell Parkway, which is one mile beyond the limit.
There was some confusion among the parents because the district does transport students to Nardin Academy and Canisus High School, which is just blocks away from Buffalo Seminary. However, those schools are within the 15-mile limit, Scofield said.
Some parents said the bus for those schools actually passes Buffalo Seminary on its way.
Scofield said he reviewed the transport route with bus drivers to ensure they are taking the shortest route possible and said that route does not take the bus past Buffalo Seminary.
In other matters, the board debated a request by Annette DeNies asking that the district allow her daughter, a home-schooled ninth-grader, to participate in the district's annual musical.
Current board policy does not allow nonstudents to participate in extracurricular activities.
Some board members said they thought the policy should be changed so that a student who is part of the community, but not registered with the district, could still take part in school activities. But others wondered about the details of such an action, including the precedent it might set, the cost to taxpayers and how to deal with a disciplinary situation.
The questions were so numerous, that Scofield asked board members to submit their concerns to him.
He said he would research them over the next few weeks and return with answers for a more fact-based discussion next month.