Two recent calls to Niagara County sheriff's deputies complained of someone trying to get access to their computers.
A 71-year-old man told deputies Monday that he received what sounded like a legitimate call from someone who told him he was from Microsoft and was investigating a serious computer virus that was going to infect his computer if he did not take action.
The victim said he allowed the male caller access to his computer, but he became concerned about what was happening when he saw the man had taken over access of the computer and was able to move the cursor from a remote location.
The caller said he did not like what was going on and shut down his computer and hung up the phone. The victim told deputies that he keeps bank account information on his computers and feared that his bank accounts could be breached in the future. He has since had his computer bank account closed and, as of Tuesday, was not missing any money, deputies said.
Deputies received a similar call from a woman a few weeks ago who reported a similar story of her computer being hijacked by someone who called to fix a computer virus.
The woman told deputies at the time that she shut down her computer and was forced to contact someone to fix the problem.