Romney made money, but didn't create jobs

A friend once told me, "If you want a happy marriage, don't ask a guy who's been divorced five times for advice. Ask someone who actually has one."
There's been a lot of talk about "Romney the businessman." Some say, "He's made money, he can fix unemployment." These people either forgot or refuse to pay attention to what Romney's business actually was. Bain Capital took over companies and stripped the cost to the barest minimum, usually by outsourcing or cutting living wages into part-time minimum wages. And if that wasn't enough, it closed the company and sold off the resources. Bain made unemployment and underemployment. True, its first goal was to make cash, but the byproduct was unemployment and underemployment. Romney knows how to kill jobs. He knows nothing about how to make them.
If you doubt it, think about how many Romney ads have featured communities or community leaders talking about how glad they were that Bain Capital took over a local factory or how much better off their community was because of it. There are none.
Larry Schultz