Career DJs need to master many skills

After reading the article, "Bar DJ passionate about his playlist," I gathered nothing about the DJ/nightlife culture in Buffalo. I felt the work was insulting to the DJ community. I failed to see the relevance in asking Miles DiPaola Jr, a.k.a. Bear Skin Rug, if he "felt old," has groupies, or implying he made a poor life decision DJing by asking him his future plans.
To be successful in the industry, you have to offer more than a laptop full of MP3s. Being a career DJ involves mastering many skills, such as marketing/branding, advertising, audio recording, producing original music and a strong sense of entrepreneurship. A month ago, Forbes published an article showing top-level DJ salaries topping out at $22 million per year.
It's common for Buffalonians to misunderstand DJ performances to the point where people will even try to converse with artists while performing. It's comparable to talking to a guitar player during a solo. It's unacceptable to approach a DJ in other cities, and generally results in getting ejected for distracting the main entertainment for the audience.
This attitude is accepted here, and it doesn't help us if our local media don't even attempt to understand what our job actually consists of. As someone who makes a living DJing on an international touring level, it's insulting to be stereotyped like this.
Don Skotnicki