State authorities do not answer to voters

As we approach another election, it is disconcerting to think that it won't make a bit of difference to many people in New York State who are under the not-so-benevolent "governance" of "shadow state agencies" - un-elected cesspools of political patronage that do not answer to the voters!
On Grand Island, none of our elected officials is able to intervene with the Thruway Authority in resolving issues with E-ZPass; ditto for our elected county officials. Now I have tried to get assistance from our state senator, but it appears his office is stymied as well.
Something as simple as dispensing the little plastic strips to affix your E-ZPass to the windshield of a new car is beyond the intellectual ability of these overpaid political appointees. Oh, you can get a new E-ZPass on the island, and if you get a new tag it has the strips attached, but if you buy a new car and want to affix your existing tag, forget it. Apparently finding a business on Grand Island that the Thruway Authority "trusts" to dispense these 10-cent items is an insurmountable objective, along with numerous other problems with E-ZPass.
There is one other possibility beyond that of the incompetence of these people, and that would be that the citizens of Grand Island are being punished for voting for a Republican state senator, so perhaps the blame lies further up the chain of command! Something to consider in November.
Patrick Kelly
Grand Island