"The Quilt Walk" by Sandra Dallas; Sleeping Bear Press, $15.95.
Ten-year-old Emmy Blue is not fond of being told to act like a lady, to sit and quilt and embroider and have lovely manners. So she is thrilled with her father's announcement that the family will be moving from Quincy, Ill., to Golden, Colo., where he wants to build a business block selling supplies to the miners who have poured into Colorado for the Gold Rush.
Little does Emmy know that as the oxen slowly pull their wagon West, she will be walking much of the way to Golden and she'll find that working on her quilt is one way to pass the time.
This interesting adventure about the pioneer experience, with colorful characters, rattlesnakes and more, comes from an author who has written many novels for adults. Set in 1864, it's loosely based on the story of two brothers from Ohio who set out for Golden in 1864 and "The Quilt That Walked to Golden," which is now stored at the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum in Golden, Colo.
- Jean Westmoore


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