1. A few days before Germany attacked Poland to begin World War II, on Sept. 1, 1939, Germany and what other nation had agreed to a nonaggression pact?

2. What is the meaning of the term "Philadelphia lawyer"?

3. Identify the first U.S. national anthem.

4. If something is imminent, what is it?

5. Spanish Malaga is a tart, red wine. True or false?

6. With what is the crown of a tooth coated?

7. Name the capital of Chile.
8. From what opera is the soprano aria "Dido's Lament"?

9. Who wrote the book "The Little Drummer Girl"?

10. U.S. Cellular Field is the home field for what Major League Baseball club?

1. Soviet Union.
2. Very competent and learned lawyer or very shrewd person.
3. "Hail Columbia!" It was composed in 1798 and remained the national anthem until 1931 when it was replaced by "The Star-Spangled Banner."
4. Likely to occur without delay.
5. False, it's a white and usually sweet wine.
6. Enamel.
7. Santiago.
8. "Dido and Aeneas."
9. John le Carre.
10. Chicago White Sox.