NIAGARA FALLS - A 36-year-old city woman was critically injured when she was struck while crossing Niagara Falls Boulevard just after 11 p.m. Wednesday.
Christine L. Jamieson was walking home, crossing in the middle of the 8700 block near Tuscarora Road, when she was hit by a vehicle driven by Frank Falcone, 37, also of Niagara Falls. Jamieson suffered severe head injuries and was in critical condition Thursday in the intensive care unit of Erie County Medical Center, Buffalo.
She was crossing in the middle of the block, not at a crosswalk or at a traffic light, said Police Traffic Capt. Salvatore Pino.
Jamieson was crossing from the south side of the street to the north when she was struck. Falcone had just left a corner convenience store and was heading east, police said.
Police are investigating Falcone's speed, but he is not expected to be charged, Pino said, adding that Jamieson's actions appear to have been a contributing factor in the accident.
"You learn in first grade how to cross the street, how to look both ways, cross at the crosswalk and obey the traffic signals," Pino said. "As we grow older, people tend to not listen to what they learned in school. It's so important," he added.
He said Niagara Falls Boulevard is a five-lane road that can be difficult to cross, even at the light, and the road was still fairly busy at 11 p.m.
"She could have walked in either direction, not even a block, and got to an intersection.
She could have crossed safely with the light," Pino said.