More than 30 years ago, my elders preached to me about their feelings why a stadium in Orchard Park should not be built with their taxpayer dollars. I used to argue this point daily with them. And as always, they would say, "wait till you get to be our age and wise up." Well, hindsight being 20/20, I have to admit they were right and I was wrong. We are now talking about nearly $200 million to upgrade a stadium, and there are no guarantees that a leasee will even be there.
You may think that I want to see the football team leave town, but that is not the case at all. Like the elders warned me, wait till you are on a pension. Tax dollars are needed in so many areas of this region, and state. My pension goes down, the taxes and health care keep going up. Those who disagree with me, well, as I was warned, "wait till you reach my age."
My elders also warned, "wait till you wise up." Well, I have. Look at the product we have been given at that stadium. How many senseless deaths alone from drinking and driving after each event? How much cost to society? How much heartache and sadness so many families have faced?
Have there been good times there? Certainly, but look at the cost. Was it worth it - and will it be worth it in the future? Take this old man's advice, or wait till you reach my age, and wise up.
Christopher M. Swan Sr.