Am I the only one who gets frustrated daily with Western New York's traffic lights? Why are these lights not synchronized? It is 2012 and we are practically using a system that has been in place for a hundred years. I stop daily at lights where there are zero cars waiting at the adjacent light. Everyone talks about improving gas mileage when everyone who drives a car (excluding hybrids) would receive vastly improved gas mileage if our traffic system was improved.
It is beyond frustrating when driving home from work that drivers have to stop at multiple lights in a few-mile stretch. Someone must fix this! Officials told us lights would be synchronized by 2012, and I see nothing. It is bad in the suburbs and worse in the city. Whoever is responsible for this must act and we, as daily drivers, must demand action.
I am tired of stopping the flow of traffic for side streets that don't even require a signal a majority of the day. Oh, and for good measure, try taking Maple Road or Sheridan Drive to Niagara Falls Boulevard from Transit Road - that should be enough to give anyone a headache. I am sure city driving is even more frustrating.
Mike Mazzarella
East Amherst