The sun is shining. If there's a cloud in the sky, it is not going to bring any significant rain. It is a perfect beach, picnic, outdoor party, festival, anything you name it out-of-doors day.
But have you looked at the trees? Some are leafless, some have dropped their needles. Some brown leaves drop to the parched and dusty earth. Others, prematurely colored, drift listlessly downward.
Have you heard the alarm sounding? Fossil fuels, factory farms and pollution are killing a tree near you - in Delaware Park, on your street, in your yard. Most likely all you have heard is the local meteorologist telling you not to worry about rain spoiling your weekend fun. Maybe he or she will quietly mention that we are in a drought, but how important is that anyway as long as the sun is shining? Certainly no presidential candidate has expressed any concern.
Last winter, most people were delighted with the lack of snow - no shoveling! The commute was a snap. Couple the lack of snow with the lack of rain this summer, and we have an unprecedented weather situation.
Please look around seriously, ask yourself what is happening to the trees around you and take the time to wonder, what next?
Sharon Levy