A lady from Amherst wrote recently that the young Romneys had their dad for a "safety net," as if that was cheating or something. I am appalled that she does not realize that of course parents should be a safety net for their children. Otherwise, don't bring them into the world. One's success should be a building process, generation following generation, passed down from parents to children as we make our way through life.
My dad shoveled sand in a foundry when he was 14 years old and eventually made it through college and an excellent career. My mom sold real estate after we were old enough to be out of the house. They helped their children by giving them a much better starting point from which we all finished college and did better than even their parents.
We all have to stop looking for shortcuts in other people's lives and do our best in our own with our children in mind.
Ron Wilson
East Amherst