1. Has any presidential nominee ever carried all the states in the general election?

2. What number is the square root of 169?

3. Is it true or false that the third and fifth lines of a limerick rhyme with each other?

4. By what shorter name is the Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co. usually called?

5. Is an apteryx a kind of bird or lizard?
6. An indolent ulcer is one that is hesitant to do what?

7. Who were members of the Grand Army of the Republic?

8. In Greek legend, who was the father of the Seven Sisters, or Pleiades?

9. Can water vapor be seen?

10. Montevideo is the capital of what South American country?

1. No, but two nominees - Richard Nixon in 1972 and Ronald Reagan in 1984 - each carried 49 states while losing only one (each also lost the District of Columbia).
2. Thirteen.
3. False. The third line rhymes with the fourth, and the first, second and fifth lines rhyme with each other.
4. A&P. The company has stores with other names.
5. Bird (kiwi).
6. Heal.
7. Union veterans of the Civil War.
8. Atlas.
9. No.
10. Uruguay.