Erie County and the Buffalo Bills are working out the details of a one-year lease extension for Ralph Wilson Stadium, but have not yet finalized those short-term negotiations.
County Executive Mark C. Poloncarz told reporters this morning that the two sides have agreed they need a one-year lease extension once the current lease agreement expires in July 2013.
"This does not mean this will be the last home opener for the Bills this upcoming Sunday," Poloncarz said during a news conference this morning. "I've discussed this with representatives of the organization. I discussed this with Russ Brandon two days ago. We agree that, based on the timeline of where we are, if we need to do a one-year extension of the current lease. We will do that."
Peter Anderson, a spokesman for Poloncarz, this afternoon clarified that no one-year deal has been finalized. He said other media reports that the two sides had reached a one-year lease agreement are inaccurate.
"A one year extension is what we're going to be working toward," Anderson said.
Poloncarz held the news conference after The Buffalo News reported that Bills Chief Executive Officer Russ Brandon said the on-going negotiations to reach a long-term lease agreement "are in a stalled holding pattern."
Poloncarz and the Buffalo Bills had hoped to have the framework of a long-term deal completed before a series of NFL meetings this fall, but the county executive this morning said that had been an "aggressive" time line that they couldn't meet.