LOCKPORT - A Niagara Falls man was sentenced to five years in prison Wednesday for two assaults, including one in which he threw a balling ball that hit a teenager in the face when the intended target ducked.
Paul A. Broadwell, 23, of 80th Street, pleaded guilty in State Supreme Court on May 16 to second-degree assault and attempted assault of a police officer, both violent felonies, as well as criminal contempt.
"It looks like you have a real anger problem," said Justice Richard C. Kloch Sr.
Broadwell could have been sentenced to up to 14 years in prison but the judge agreed to a sentencing cap of 2˝ years for each felony count, to be served consecutively, and six years of post-release supervision. Kloch said he also must pay the teen injured by the bowling ball a civil judgment of $3,366.
Broadwell hurled the bowling ball at a man on Nov. 6 during an argument in the Rapids Bowling Center, Niagara Falls. The bowling ball, however, hit the 16-year-old victim in the face, causing severe facial injuries.
Broadwell had been released on bail in that case, but a warrant for his arrest was issued when he did not appear in court. Niagara Falls Detective Shawn Bosi was injured by Broadwell on March 6 when he tried to serve the warrant, authorities said.
Bosi, who appeared in court on Wednesday, remains out of work with injuries that included a torn rotator cuff and a detached bicep. Bosi did not speak in court, but Kloch silently read a letter from the detective and then told Broadwell: "[He] was just doing his job and was not going to do you harm in any way and then you fight with him."
Bosi, the judge told Broadwell, "doesn't ask me to throw the book at you for what this has done to his job - his family. I think that says something."
Broadwell also was sentenced to a concurrent one-year term in a criminal contempt case connected to a Jan. 1 attack on a Kenmore woman who had an order of protection.