PORTER - The Town Board took the first step Monday to bring new recycling containers to residents by unanimously agreeing to spend $95,000 to purchase more than 2,000 containers.
Residents will receive the new, larger containers on wheels at their homes in the next three months, according to Town Supervisor Merton K. Wiepert.
Wiepert said most residents will receive 65-gallon bins. Residents who live along Lake Ontario and have long driveways and "have quite a job hauling their garbage up to the road" will get 34-gallon bins.
Wiepert said the town used reserve funds in the budget to pay up front for the recycling containers, rather than lease them from Modern Landfill, which saved the town nearly $10 per cart.
Similar programs are in place in Wheatfield, the City of Lockport and Wilson.
Savings are realized by picking up containers every other week, with half of the town getting recycling pickup one week and the other half putting out their recycling on the following week.
In another matter, the board heard from residents Tracy and Darryl Johnson, of Johnston Drive, who complained that someone had taken up permanent residence in a recreational vehicle next to their house, which they noted was a zoning violation.
"They've got the wheels off, they've put in a permanent deck, a water line, and now they have a satellite dish," Tracy Johnson said.
Building Inspector Roy W. Rogers said he is checking to see if the vehicle is registered, if the owners hooked up to the sewer line and whether they have an affidavit that says they are not living there on a permanent basis.
"He said he is just storing it and called it a neighbor problem," Rogers said.
Also, Niagara County Legislator Clyde L. Burmaster, who represents Porter, presented a $3,000 check to the board for funding the town's 200th birthday and War of 1812 commemorations. The funding is from casino revenues and is to be used for economic development, said Burmaster.