BATAVIA - Closing an elementary school and moving nearly 400 students to three other buildings has worked "absolutely well," a school official said Wednesday, as classes entered the second week.
About 190 students from the shuttered Robert Morris School are in fifth-grade classes added to the Middle School.
The building, a former high school, now houses 751 students in four grades, with 699 at the senior high school.
Students in prekindergarten through first grade went to Jackson School, currently with 391 students, and second- through fourth-graders are at John Kennedy, with a total of 558 students.
The district's population grew by about 30, to 2,400, halting a decline in recent years.
The switch forced changes in transportation, chiefly reducing the distance requirement from 1˝ to 1 mile.
That meant adding five buses at a cost of $225,000.
The transfers from the only elementary school on the city's west side were to locations one to 2˝ miles in distance. The district hopes to lease, rather than sell the building.
St. Joseph's School welcomed five from Robert Morris. The city's only Catholic grade school, with a $2,700 tuition, saw its count jump by about 100, most from Holy Family School in Le Roy, which closed because of low enrollment.