It's time to revise state law on college charge-back cost

As far back as the 1980s, during my tenure as interim president of Erie Community College, the topic of charge-back cost was discussed by the ECC board of trustees. The cost to the college and to the county was simply too much to bear, and something had to be done.
Among the possible solutions considered was to reimburse the other community colleges in cases where Erie Community College did not offer the program of the student's choice.
However, there is no compelling reason why students would have to go outside of the district if ECC offers the curriculum of their choice. One of the original goals of the community college movement was to provide students with an education in their own community. This seemed to be a solution that would have saved the county thousands of dollars.
Now that this has become a matter of concern again, it may behoove the county to consider this alternative.
Oscar Smukler
Former interim president
Erie Community College