Obama, Romney disregard protection of civil liberties

While watching the news the other day, and hearing the normal everyday sound bites of gaffes and generic economy talk, I started to think about what has not been talked about extensively in this campaign. It seems to me two issues have been under-reported by the media, and rarely talked about by the candidates, and that is defense and protection of civil liberties. I wondered why that was, and I realized that it is because both candidates have nearly the same views on these issues, and neither candidate is a staunch supporter of a more restrained defense budget or for the protection of civil liberties.
For all the talk of how President Obama and Mitt Romney are so different, their views of civil liberties and defense make them seem similar, and not in a positive way. Both candidates support the indefinite detention of Americans without trial, the unconstitutional Patriot Act, which includes warrantless wiretaps and sneak-and-peek warrants, and intervention in Libya. Romney is OK with torture and Obama just kills people with drone attacks on sovereign nations. Obama has ordered and Romney is OK with the killing of American citizens abroad without trial (Anwar al-Awlaki and his son). Both support the increased militarization of American police forces, larger military budgets and a continuing of the failed war on drugs, which is the longest war in U.S. history. And I doubt either would keep us out of Iran; Obama would just wait a little longer than Romney.
These important issues are getting no play, because neither Romney nor Obama wants to defend his views on either, because if the American public was educated about them, voters would be disgusted with what has happened with our once great country and its protection of civil rights.
James Kozlowski