Foes of Obama do not speak for all Americans

With the political season being in full swing, we can expect to see and hear many disturbing messages from both sides of the campaign. Nothing, however, is quite as distressing to me as the political signs that are cropping up around the community. These signs state, "America Against Obama."
I take great offense at these signs, not because they are anti-Obama but because they attempt to speak for me, an American. If the signs read, "America Against Romney," they would also upset me. Those who are posting these signs have no right to include me in their statements. To say "America Against Obama" is to imply that all Americans oppose his re-election. Instead, I think the signs should specify exactly for whom they speak, as in, "Conservative America Against Obama" or "Right-wing America Against Obama." I would say the same if the signs pointed in the other direction. Then they would best state, "Liberal America Against Romney."
Due to the heated emotions that surround presidential elections, I doubt that those who place these placards in their yards will take heed of my complaint. I am, however, about as American as you can get without being indigenous (my ancestry on both sides of my family traces back to before the Revolutionary War), so I ask respectfully that people do not speak for me.
Rev. Dr. Barbara Hulsing
Wales Center