1. Is it true or false that the moth is primarily a nocturnal insect?
2. What is Great Britain's main passenger port?
3. What sacred work does the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints hold in equal esteem with the Bible?
4. A famous airlift consisted of 272,264 flights. Identify it.
5. Indians of which tribe were cliff-dwellers?
6. Name the writer of the song "My Old Kentucky Home."
7. How many total bases does a baseball player have when he has a home run, triple, double and single?
8. The Strait of Belle Isle is between Labrador and . . .
9. Which religious group has the most members in the United States?
10. Is Swiss chard considered a fruit or a vegetable?
1. True.
2. Southampton, in southern England.
3. The Book of Mormon.
4. The Berlin Airlift, in 1948-49.
5. Pueblo Indians, in the American Southwest. They lived in masonry houses built into the side of cliffs. Buildings were four to five levels high and each was set back so there would be terraces.
6. Stephen Foster. The complete title is "My Old Kentucky Home, Good Night."
7. Ten (four for the home run, three for the triple, two for the double, and one for the single).
8. Newfoundland.
9. Roman Catholic, with more than 68 million members.
10. Vegetable, of the beet family.