They've caught the notorious "Pajama Bandit."
Depew police announced Monday that they made an arrest in an April Rite Aid robbery committed by a woman wearing pink pajama bottoms and a gray sweater. Detectives later dubbed her the Pajama Bandit.
Police said Emily R. Bromley, 20, of Lancaster, pleaded guilty last week to participating in the Depew robbery, along with two other holdups in May - one at a Rite Aid in the Town of Tonawanda and the other at a Walgreens in Amherst. Sources say she was wearing the pajama bottoms in at least two of the three heists, but it's unclear whether she entered all three pharmacies.
Bromley pleaded guilty to six felony charges, two from each jurisdiction, according to Depew police and the Erie County District Attorney's Office.
"I believe she was doing this mainly to support her drug habit and her boyfriend's habit," Depew Detective Sgt. Don Panzarella said.
Depew police said Bromley entered the Rite Aid at Transit and French roads on the night of April 24 and handed the pharmacist a note threatening to use a weapon and demanding all the opiates. The pharmacist then handed over an unspecified amount of pills before the bandit fled.
The bandit never showed a gun in any of the robberies.
Detectives from Depew, Amherst and the Town of Tonawanda fielded hundreds of tips from the community after her photo was publicized through Crime Stoppers. Those leads eventually led them to Bromley.
"We just got overwhelmed with phone calls, tips and leads after her photo was out," Panzarella said.