SALAMANCA - Cochise Redeye, who has served as a Seneca Nation Councilor, Seneca Gaming Corp. chairman and Erie County sheriff's detective, has announced that he will run as an independent candidate for Seneca Nation president in the nation's general election Nov. 6.
Redeye was ousted as chairman of the nation's gambling operation in 2010 after a clash with another candidate for Seneca president, Barry E. Snyder Sr.
Redeye said he chose to run as an independent to step outside a political party system that has divided the Nation's Council and paralyzed its government.
"I will work hard to restore the integrity of the Nation government," he said. "This election will not only be important to the citizens of the Seneca Nation but also to our friends in the regions surrounding our territories. Our future is intertwined with that of our neighbors, and I will work to repair relationships and create stronger partnerships."
Snyder, who has served four terms as Seneca Nation president, is again running for the top office. Richard E. Nephew, current chairman of the Tribal Council, also is a candidate.