Tyler LaMond, 19, of Williamsville spent opening morning of goose season (Sept. 1) trying to call in birds that were drawn to another field outside of Batavia.
"We were set up in a cut cornfield about 300 yards from another party of hunters, about five guys, with lots of decoys," Tyler said.
He was part of an outing with partners Dave and Matt Amerine of Akron.
The trio let birds pass that were within marginal shooting range and ended up with a total of just one bird at the end of the hunt.
"But what an exceptional bird it was," LaMond said of a loner that came within 20 yards for a quick, clean kill.
That one bird will help finance a trip or two later in the waterfowl season.
Not only was the Canada goose a respectable size, its leg had a U.S.G.S. (U.S. Geological Survey) report band indicating a $100 reward for reporting.
When a report is made, the submitting person finds out about about the bird. A database includes four million encounters.
This goose had been born in 2004 and was banded in Alexander in 2005, which confirms once again that many of these geese reside mainly or entirely in this area.
Despite just their one-bird kill on the Saturday opener, things got better for these three hunters.
"On Saturday we got nine and on Monday we took 13," LaMond said of their Labor Day weekend stints.
They had to move around, but the birds steadily came into fields that had been recently harvested, for corn lost when combines came through for harvesting cobs and stalks. Adding to the aura, LaMond took another banded bird among the 13 taken on Monday.
With an early growing season and above-average summer temperatures, corn fields may be cut sooner this late-summer and before the Sept. 22 fall start.
National reports have hunters seeing as much as a 23 percent loss in access, but property owners with open spaces often welcome properly licensed waterfowl hunters to help reduce excess numbers of Canada geese.
The early goose season continues to Sept. 25 in most areas of New York State; each hunter is allowed an eight-bird daily bag of these geese.
Many of the hunt sites turn on throughout the day, not only at sunrise or just before sunset. Hunters are encouraged to ask around. There could be some golden opportunities out there to give geese a gander.