Dear Vicki: I am beginning to visit design schools since I am interested in fashion. I want to be dressed well for interviews. Help me with a suggestion. I want to be myself, young and stylish. Your column inspires me. Thanks. - Peyton H.

Dear Peyton: Thanks for the kind words. McCall's 6402 skirt with the fringy drape would be very fun and would show that you love clothes. Just use a wonderful plaid and then accessorize with kicky shoes, a bag and a classic shirt or sweater. Don't forget to find out everything you can about the program you are visiting so you will have questions to show that you are serious.
Dear Vicki: I plan to make a new jacket for fall. But I have an annoying problem with jackets. All around my chest and armholes there are wrinkles, but the sleeves fit in well, no puckering. I just don't seem to get a professional look. Please look at my pictures and see if there is anything you can suggest. - Janice B.

Dear Janice: The shoulders look like a good fit, so I think support is the answer. All men look great in suit jackets; this is because tailors build in great amounts of hair canvas and other interfacings to support the shoulder. The same goes for you - cut a piece of hair canvas that will go from the underarm seam over the front facing edge. Do not trim this out of the armhole seam; you need this to hold up the sleeve. Also, do not sew it into a shoulder seam, but let the interfacing just cover over the seam. The same goes for in back, from the underarm across the back - support the entire shoulder and neck area. One layer may not be enough if you have much smaller shoulders than hips or very thin shoulders. Just build up and create underpinnings for the look you desire.
Don't be afraid of shoulder pads, especially if you have larger hips; they really help give the illusion of balance to your figure.