LOCKPORT - Roof replacement projects at City Hall and Lockport's water and wastewater plants are scheduled to begin Sept. 17, Mayor Michael W. Tucker said.
A notice posted at City Hall said the project, which involves a small amount of asbestos removal at all three buildings, is targeted for completion Nov. 26 by Weaver Metal & Roofing of Buffalo, which was awarded a $2.02 million contract last month for general construction.
Two Tonawanda contractors also are involved: Parise Mechanical for mechanical work at $479,000, and Weydman Electric for electrical work at $51,700.
The city borrowed the money for the project in July on one-year notes sold to JPMorgan Chase Bank at an interest rate of 0.68 percent, the lowest-priced borrowing in Lockport's history.
Besides new roofs, the projects involve replacement of heating and air conditioning units on the roof of City Hall and at the wastewater plant's press building, said Norman D. Allen, director of engineering and public works.
"The whole project should be done before the snow flies," Tucker said. "They've got it in overdrive. They're going to work weekends and nights when they can."
He said during the air handler replacements, City Hall will be without heat or air conditioning.
Tucker said the lack of climate control is expected to affect primarily police officers and firefighters, whose headquarters are located in City Hall and whose operations go around the clock.
Allen said that although the notice posted at City Hall makes reference to 25,000 square feet of asbestos, there really isn't anywhere near that much. He said the cancer-causing fire retardant is found primarily in caulking and in packing around pipes.