Everyone has a physical education class at school, whether it's playing basketball or getting some activity time outside. Some students like gym class, but it's obvious some students do not like it at all. But when the time comes for the swimming unit, it seems no one likes it. Many students believe swimming in school is unnecessary and should be removed from the curriculum.

For me, swim class began in middle school and not many students liked it then either.
Kaylee Jentsch, a sophomore, agrees that schools should do away with swim class.
"Since middle school, we've been swimming. We already know a lot about it," Kaylee said. "In high school we should be focusing on learning new things, not the same things we learned in middle school for three years."

Besides knowing a lot about swimming already, there are other reasons swimming is unnecessary in high school.

Most of the time, classes are usually around 40 minutes long. That doesn't provide much time to actually get in the pool.

Junior Sydney Wawrzyniak said: "I think swimming is pointless, with 42-minute periods at Orchard Park High School, you only have about 10 to 20 minutes to swim."

In her swim class, it takes students awhile to get changed into their swimsuits, and a lot of time is needed to change back into their school clothes.

Being in high school, students care a lot about their appearance. Students don't like feeling wet for the rest of their day. There isn't enough time for girls to dry and style their hair, put makeup on, etc.

Swimming also is a personal issue for many students. They may feel self-conscious. Whether swim class is coed or not, some students may feel uncomfortable in a swimsuit in front of their fellow classmates. They will often try to find excuses to get out of swimming, like a doctor's note or a note from their parents that keep them out of swim for the whole unit or a couple of days. The reasons may be skin issues, allergy issues, etc.

Another reason students give for not wanting to take swim class is hygiene. The pool, along with the locker rooms, can be very unsanitary. The locker rooms are wet all day from all of the swim classes. There often are no dry places to put clothes, books and backpacks.

Swim class in high school just isn't necessary.

Lizzie Kozoduj is a junior at Orchard Park High School.