Have you ever started singing along to a song in the car? You love it so much. There is a great beat. You can dance to it easily. So you go home and download it. Or you go to the store to buy the CD. Then you start listening to the song and singing along with it. But you notice there are some words you didn't notice before. Then you feel kind of embarrassed and hope your parents don't hear those words! You wonder why you didn't realize they were there before.

There is no reason to be embarrassed. It is called radio edit. They take out words or parts of the song that aren't allowed on the radio.

But why radio edit? Can't they just have it safe for everybody to listen to?

When they radio edit, they record the original version of the song. Then they rerecord another version for the radio.

So, why go through that much trouble? Why not keep it safe for everyone to listen to in the first place? It can be deceiving for parents who listen to a song on the radio and then buy the CD for their 10-year-old.

Why can't they just keep it safe all around? Why the need to radio edit?

Audean Jimerson is a home-schooled sophomore from Hamburg.