A fire station on Abbott Road in Lackawanna was shut down this morning as city officials wrestle with ways to shave massive overtime expenses in the Fire Department.
Mayor Geoffrey M. Szymanski and Fire Chief Ralph Galanti decided on Wednesday to reduce the minimum staffing level for the Fire Department to seven firefighters.
A fire pumper must operate with at least three firefighters, so with just seven firefighters scheduled to report for duty today, one of the trucks had to be taken out of service.
Firefighters originally assigned to the Abbott Road station were moved to the South Park and Ridge Road fire halls instead.
The South Park station will respond to calls in the city's 3rd and 4th wards.
Firefighters in the department earned about $550,000 in overtime over the past year - a quarter of a million dollars more than the city had allotted in its 2011-12 budget.